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Women are receiving education now more than ever but the representation of women in the workforce, especially in government positions remains low. In my project, I explored the rise in education and how women are still at a disadvantage when it comes to economic opportunities. I also learned the benefits of women in politics! Below are three products I have created in regards to my topic. Make sure to check them out! 

For my first product, I wrote a research paper to learn and support my topic with data and analysis. It is a long read but very informative!

An infographic is always helpful to convey information in an engaging manner. That's exactly why I decided to create one to share facts and data about my topic. This infographic focuses on the opinions of the public having women as leaders. 

I conducted a survey to see what the public thinks about representation of women in governments. The data I got from the survey is then analyzed. Read on the right to see what the survey reveals!

Feel free to check out the survey!

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